Artextil Sabadell (ESP)

We envision a building open to new ways in teaching and learning, promoting interaction among educators, students, and the community. With a variety of spaces focusing on diverse learning experiences, our design aims to serve not only the campus but also the broader community. The concept for the new building has evolved into a comprehensive collection of spaces, ranging from open patios to expansive gathering areas, from focused group work classrooms to secluded breakout spaces. Together, these spaces create an environment conducive to dynamic teaching and learning encounters.


Our design prioritizes flexibility, ensuring that the building can adapt to both current and future needs of the University. To achieve this, we incorporate light partition walls in the classrooms, allowing for easy reconfiguration. We are exploring various modular systems available in the market, such as JUUNOO, Skellet, and Clicwall, to seamlessly integrate them into our design. This approach aligns with our goal of maximizing the life span of the building.


The new building will feature a wooden structure, chosen for its sustainability and bio-based character compared to traditional building materials. This decision reflects our commitment to utilizing renewable resources.


The design concept revolves around wooden 'tables' that are structurally independent from the existing building. All connections will be screw-based, enabling the tables to be disassembled into reusable components. While this construction method offers clear ecological benefits, it also provides practical advantages for our project. The lightweight elements can be maneuvered and installed using small forklift trucks, facilitating construction within the existing hall space.










3.970 m2


a2o, Yaiza Terré-estudi d’arquitectura, Pau Vidal–estudio de arquitectura


Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)


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