Housing project with roof garden and retail at the Vaartkom Leuven

The project area is located between the Zeilstraat, the Vaartkom and the Engels square. Along the North side, the project is bounded by the Ludenscheidsingel, situated behind the Engels square. The project constitutes the 6th, and final, block at the end of a block of buildings. The building will be a beacon in this new urban development scheme.

The plot's irregular shape creates specific volumes, with a sculptural design. Although the block is a monolithic unit, its upward shape makes a slender impression. The massiveness of the volume is emphasised by the use of bricks, but at the same time, deep incisions for windows and balconies give it a fresh character.

 The connection with the ground level is a both functionally and architecturally important element to firmly embed the building in its surroundings. The facade along the Zeilstraat, the street between the two tall building blocks, houses the building's utility zone. This is where we find such functions as parking lifts, bicycle parking, smoke and heat extraction… The remainder of the ground floor is allocated to retail, catering and office facilities. This space has a maximum of glazed surfaces, creating ample light and transparency in the building at ground level, the entry level for pedestrians.

 Above the ground floor, there are four flours of through-lounge apartments, above which all apartments were situated along the length of the building, providing unique views of the Vaartkom and Leuven.

 On top of the building, two spacious roof gardens have been planned. These are private gardens, belonging to the top-floor apartments. Each garden has its own swimming pool. Around these terraces, a green zone has been planned, with tall grasses of approximately 1.6 m high. These grasses constitute the building's green crown.






Leuven, Belgium


34 housing units, retail and underground parking


6.000 m2




Dyls Construct


Stijn Bollaert


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