GO! Dko Etterbeek

Art Campus for Music and Visual Arts in Brussels

The proposal builds upon the rich history of the RHoK Academy in Etterbeek and adds a new layer that ensures the site's future.


The existing academy, with its industrial character, holds significant heritage value and is situated within a large urban garden. Two vacant plots on the edges await to be filled in. The design for the new academy humbly integrates itself into the site and introduces two new volumes to complete the building block.


Both programs are treated with equal importance, each having its own distinct building and identity facing the street. They are interconnected by the green urban garden.


Separating the programs enables the creation of buildings tailored to the educational needs of each. We strive for an inclusive environment that makes learning the competences of being an artist possible for everyone.


Today's school will not resemble the school of tomorrow. The design prioritizes flexibility and adaptability through a clear and legible structure. Durable materials such as concrete and brick provide a sturdy foundation, while wooden infill systems and finishes offer flexibility and contribute to a sustainable narrative.


The streets hosting the two schools have different identities. General Tombeursstraat, home to the music academy, features a vertical rhythm. The new façade aligns calmly and vertically, with unique features at the music hall, presenting the program and responding to the street's rhythm. Conversely, the Academy of Visual and Audiovisual Arts opens onto a street that is mainly horizontally oriented. Balanced horizontal windows integrate seamlessly with the street, serving as a showcase for all creations.


2023 - ...




Etterbeek, Brussels






GO! Scholengroep Brussel




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