Escola Gaia Barcelona (ESP)

Education is in a time of change. Schools are no longer a place to set an unequivocal course, but a place of support based on the certainty that children have the need and capacity to make decisions, self-regulate and learn for themselves.


The Gaia School represents one of the new public pedagogical initiatives in the city  of Barcelona that embraces this systemic and non-directive approach.


This vision translates into an open, dynamic, flexible, and transformative school environment, where boundaries dissolve, and spaces offer a range of potential uses. Its placement within Glòries Park aligns with the notion that the school is an integral part of a larger system, contributing to the city and benefiting from its surroundings. Hence, it is necessary to rethink its boundaries, the greenery that surrounds it and to radically naturalize its play and learning spaces.


To blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, existing buildings are repurposed, and a portion of the program is integrated into the courtyard. This approach creates a diverse array of spatial atmospheres that are neither fixed nor permanent but evolve with the changing seasons.


A lightweight and delicate construction is introduced within the original structures to accommodate the new functional program. This construction stands out, creating an intermediate bioclimatic space that spans the height of the buildings. This same structure extends into the courtyard, defining arcades, stairs, and pathways between buildings, and forming open yet covered areas protected from sun and rain.










a2o, Yaiza Terré-estudi d’arquitectura, Pau Vidal–estudio de arquitectura


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