Achter de Hoven

The project introduces 47 residential units into the heart of Zonhoven, consisting of three distinct building volumes ranging from 3 to 5 storeys in height. Arranged in a U-shaped configuration, these volumes redefine a former wasteland within the village center, following a campus concept. The design incorporates green outdoor spaces both inside and outside the U-shaped arrangement. Along the perimeter, an existing cycle route from the village square to the church is introduced, while a park-like garden is established in the inner area between the building volumes. By opening up the inner area, passersby are encouraged to stroll freely between the blocks.


The tallest building volume serves as a focal point on the village square, seamlessly integrating with nieghbouring structures that define the square. Along the footpath, a lower three-storey volume allows sunlight to filter into the garden while maintaining harmony with surrounding buildings. At the rear of the plot, a four-storey volume complements the scale of the preserved tall trees.


Addressing the diverse housing needs of the village, the project incorporates apartments of various sizes suitable for singles, two-person households, and families. Each unit features adjacent semi-outdoor spaces, with all residences enjoying spacious terraces. Corner flats haves verandas that connect to expansive, open-plan stairwells.


The building volumes are constructed using brick and articulated with horizontal concrete bands. Open stairwells feature wire mesh for climbing plants, seamlessly blending the transition from building to landscape. The landscape design prioritizes the protecting of existing trees, supplemented by new plantings. Flower beds with native plants and accessible lawns that can be used by the residents have been created under the trees.


2019 - 2023












Stijn Bollaert


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